17-year-old teen makes history by earning nursing diploma while she’s still in high school

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If you are willing to put in hard work, there is no limit to what you will be able to achieve. This is a lesson a lot of people pay heed to and this is exactly what turns them into exceptional humans!

Imunique Triplett is not an average high school student. The 17-year-old resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has made history. The teenager’s years of hard work have finally paid off as she is now a qualified nurse!

Triplett was still in high school when she earned her practical nursing diploma through plain hard work. The smart high schooler took advantage of a program that students in her state can access.

The M³ College Connections program allows students from Milwaukee Public School to earn college credits in subjects such as college credits in nursing, teaching, and general education. These count towards their high school and college graduation as well. These courses can be taken from Milwaukee Area Technical College or the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Triplett has not had an easy life. At just 10-months-old she was adopted by her great uncle and great aunt who provided her a stable home where she could explore her interests.

She said, “I’ve always really liked school. It just came naturally to me. I have enjoyed learning and hearing about new things, but I did have some behavior problems.”

She says she has always worked hard on her academics. And with her ambition to complete her nursing diploma while still in high school, she had to work harder than ever.

Apart from a full-time course load from her high school, she was studying for 3 to 4 college courses as well. Throughout the pandemic and after, she was fully invested in her academics.

“I work so hard because I’ve seen how people can struggle. I have seen my parents live from paycheck to paycheck and I knew that I wanted to change that narrative,” she said about her achievement. She added, “I have tried to surround myself with people who inspire me and that I can inspire.”

And she clearly has also inspired others because she was chosen by her classmates to speak at the MATC’s Nurse Pinning Ceremony.

About receiving this honor from her peers, she said, “It’s a great, great feeling. It’s wonderful that people feel that way about me. To think some of the adults look up to me is mind-blowing.”

As for her future plans, Triplett knows the sky is the limit. She has applied to 20 four-year colleges and has already heard back from several. Her sight, however, is set on New York University. As for what she plans on doing, she wants to be a registered nurse or perhaps even consider medical school.

Whatever she plans on doing, we are sure she will succeed because of all the hard work she is always willing to put into whatever she does.

We wish Imunique Triplett the best of luck in her future endeavors.

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