9 firefighter dads have babies at the same time, celebrate with adorable photo shoot

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The Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District (RCFD), wowed the town with the news that nine of its firefighters became new fathers within a five-month period.

Seven girls and two boys were born to firefighters from the district between March and July of 2019.

The proud group of fathers and firefighters took to Facebook to post adorable photos of them posing with their bundles of joy.

“Say hello to Rancho Cucamonga Fire’s newest little family members!” the RCFD said in a Facebook post.

New mom Lindsay Shook captured the moment, sharing these rare photos for the fire district.

“We are thrilled to see our Rancho Cucamonga Fire District family continue to grow,” she wrote.

One of the pictures of the babies shows them lying on their daddies’ protective gear surrounded by helmets and hoses spelling out “RCFD.”

The photos have been shared over 3,000 times with more than 7,000 reactions.

More than 900 people from across the country left messages of congratulations with some asking if there was something in the water.

Wishing these new parents all the happiness in raising these bundles of joy. These babies will never be short of a playmate!

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