96-year-old Dick Van Dyke grooves in Valentine’s Day video with darling wife

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Even at 96, Dick Van Dyke is proving that he’s still got the moves. The Hollywood veteran actor was recently seen performing an impressive number with his wife, Arlene Silver, for Valentine’s Day. According to New York Post, the star was seen dancing and singing to a cover of the 1958 Doris Day song Everybody Loves a Lover which was performed by Arlene & the Vantastix, his partner’s band.

In the duet that lasted three minutes, 50-year-old Silver starts off low-key while checking herself in the mirror. As the love ballad continues, the singer and producer walks up to her husband, who can be seen sitting stylishly on a floral chair while buffing his nails. That’s when things heat up between the couple who have been married for almost a decade.

After singing a few verses, the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang star struts towards his partner and two start performing the two-step and other brilliant steps that are synchronized to perfection. Throughout this music video, the loving pair embrace and kiss each and at one point Van Dyke even covers up the private parts of a nude status cheekily with a piece of cloth.

The refreshing clip also featured Tony Guerrero, who performed a trumpet solo, and the Vantastix backup singers Bryan Chadima, Eric Bradley, and Mike Mendyke. But Dick Van Dyke was hands-down the star of the show who impressed the audience with his moves that could still cut a rug even as he nears 100. “Absolutely fantastic…may Dick Van Dyke live forever! Happy Valentine’s Day,” shared one user according to New York Post. “Time stands still when Dick Van Dyke turns it on. And Arlene has a gorgeous voice. Absolutely beautiful. I once met Van Dyke in San Diego, when I was just starting out as an actor, and he was a joy to behold,” expressed another fan.

“Wow!!! Thank You so much for doing this for Dick and sharing this moment with us! You can really sing Arlene! Love the song too! Dick is still on key and as always so smooth on the dance floor. He is one of my favorite dancers and singers.I have loved his dancing and singing since the ’60s. I have always had the biggest crush on him.I watch him 4 times a day as Rob. He has the same glimmer in his eye. Love him looking in the camera, at the statue, and of course, moving around so not to trip on an object! Ha!!! He still makes me laugh… will cherish this clip forever!” shared a third. The recent clip was on YouTube ahead of Silver’s 10th wedding anniversary on February 29.

Cover image source: Getty | Photo by Paul Morigi