Dad Catches Creep Touching His 9-Year-Old Son, Proceeds to Break the Guy’s Face

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It’s the little things in life. A glass of bourbon on a Friday afternoon. The smell of steaks on the grill. And hearing about a pedophile having his face smashed after being caught being a pedophile. It’s a balance of good vs. evil. The evil of grown-ass adults preying on children s balanced out by the good of those perverts having fists rained down upon them by angry Samaritans who catch the guy. One Oklahoma minister (!!!) found this out the hard way.

Our story goes a little something like this: (h/t Not The Bee)

Coghill, the pervert scumbag, liked to jog past bus stops. One Monday, Coghill stopped when he saw a nine-year-old at the bus stop. Coghill ran his hand down the kid’s back. This made the kid feel uncomfortable, as you could imagine. The kid told his dad. The dad dropped the kid off at the bus stop a few days later. But the dad waited in his car. This is where the face-smashing takes place.

The dad saw Coghill attempt to touch his son again. The dad leapt out of the car to confront the pervert and a fight broke out. Actually, “fight” is the wrong word. The dad fractured Coghill’s skull and cracked an orbital socket. At some point, the police showed up. I’m guessing upon hearing what happened, the cops looked the other way for five minutes to let the dad get a few more shots in.

Coghill is in jail, hopefully wearing a shirt that says “I prey on nine-year-olds.” The dad is an early nominee for Father of the Year. The only bad part of this story is that there is no amateur iPhone footage of the beatdown. There should be a rule that when you smash up a pedo, you need a wingman to hold the camera. Use the budsdsy system, people!