Fake fingernails are bygones! Flaunting your faux toenails is a trend and we don’t know why

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There was a time when acrylic nails were all the rage but if you’re still going after those, you might be a little behind on the latest trend. Pointy, square, and funky nails that tell a story of their own are no longer enough.

For a while, the trend was those corkscrew nails, then we thought the colored pencil trend would be enough. You can pretty much do anything you want with them include making them look like a sonogram or like blinking eyes. We even had teeth nails, which were seriously scary. If that’s not weird enough, then you could have given the zit nails a swirl. The world is your oyster. Really.

But, making fingernails look strange was really not enough. The latest trend of growing or adding acrylic toenails is gaining steam and we are not sure why. Firstly, it doesn’t seem like the most comfortable trend, but fashion is hardly ever about comfort. Secondly, how does it fit into a shoe? We are not sure at all.

Everyone loves a good manicure and pedicure, but this pedi is, well toe-rrific. Also, for practical reasons, what do you do with long toe-nails during boot season? It’s biting cold outside. If you hang out in strappy sandals and flip-flops you might lose a lot more than a toenail in the winter. Perhaps, reserving this trend for the summer, if at all, is the best bet. Honestly, they are just toe-ing the line over what’s acceptable and what’s horrifying.

Nail lovers are sharing their latest piece of art on social media and it won’t leave you horrified. These pedicures are available in many colors, according to Today. Some of them even look like extremely sharp claws. It might make you wonder if the person with those long nails could scratch you up pretty bad or not.

This is one of the most over the top trends out there and mind you, we have seen the curly eyelashes trend. That was what nightmares are made of.

If you are still not convinced and want to give it a try, there are many ideas available online. You could try it yourself or seek out a nail artist for it too. They might happy to oblige and bring your ideas to life.

However, do remember to keep your toes clean because it can carry a lot of bacteria and you don’t want your toes to get infected, according to Shareably.