Girl’s rendition of ‘Let It Go’ in bomb shelter goes viral, draws praise from ‘Frozen’ star Idina Menzel

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While taking cover in a bomb shelter amid the Russian invasion, a little Ukrainian girl was filmed singing a beautiful rendition of Frozen’s ‘Let It Go.’ The video was captured by a woman named Marta Smekhova who visited the bunker situated in Kyiv last week before sharing it on Facebook.

“Everyone put their business aside and listen to a song by this girl who was just beaming light,” wrote Smekhova revealing that the girl named Amelia dreamed of singing on a grand stage one day. “Even men couldn’t hold back tears.” Per Daily Mail, a translated post of Smekhova read, “Seeing in one of the Kyiv bomb storage, how children draw bright pictures in half-darkness, I, of course, couldn’t silently pass by… stopped, praised, offered to do a little exhibition to somehow decorate this not so happy place.”

This is where she came across Amelia, a little child with a big dream. “The girl turned out to be so friendly, so talkative… She told me that besides drawing, she loves to sing… and whispered shared her dream that she wants to sing on a big stage in front of the audience. ‘So what’s the matter?’ I’m saying, ‘Now we’re organizing… do you see honey how many people are here? that’s what you sing for,'” she told the child.

Amelia was apparently worried because this would be her first performance and wasn’t sure if she was loud enough for everyone to hear. Thus Smekhova assured that she’d do just fine and just as she predicted Amelia ended up captivating everyone in the shelter. “Needless to say worried for nothing.. From the first word in the [bomb shelter] came complete silence…” she added.

In the clip, the adorable girl belts out an amazing performance of the 2010 Disney movie and as it turns out, her performance received a nod from the famous Frozen star Idina Menzel herself. “We see you. We really, really see you. ??” wrote Menzel retweeting the video of Amelia. There were several other celebrities who lauded the little girl for her heartwarming Ukrainian rendition of the song. According to Huff Post, CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper choked up as he told viewers, “It’s hard to say anything after that, except thank you, Amelia. Thank you for that grace.”

As for Holly Willoughby, she couldn’t hold back her tears as the touching video played on Monday’s This Morning, reports Independent. “Such innocence, isn’t it,” said Willoughby in tears, while Gyles Brandreth shared, “We’re seeing the worst and the best of humanity in this crisis aren’t we?” Willoughby added, “It’s horrible, it’s horrible” as the show cut for a break. Speaking to ITV News host Mary Nightingale, Willoughby later admitted, “We all just fell to pieces there.”

Cover image source: YouTube Screenshot | ITV News

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