Just in: Hollywood Finally Blacklists Whoopi Goldberg

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Beloved actress and talk show host, Whoopi Goldberg, has reportedly been blacklisted by Hollywood, a decision that has sh0cked many.

Industry executives have deemed her contributions to the entertainment industry “too positive” and “not controversial enough”. According to anonymous sources within the industry, Goldberg’s upbeat personality and reluctance to engage in scandalous behavior have made her an unwelcome presence in Hollywood.

Goldberg, who has won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award, has been a fixture in Hollywood for over three decades, starring in classic films like “The Color Purple” and “Ghost”, and has been a co-host on “The View” for over a decade.

However, her clean image and positive attitude have apparently become a liability in an industry that thrives on scandal and controversy.

In response to the news, Goldberg released a statement expressing her disappointment but also her determination to continue working in the industry. “I am saddened by this decision, but I am not deterred,” she said.

“I will continue to bring my best self to every project I am a part of, whether or not it fits into Hollywood’s narrow definition of what makes a star.”

The decision to blacklist Goldberg has been met with backlash from fans and fellow celebrities alike. Actor and comedian Billy Crystal, a longtime friend of Goldberg’s, tweeted, “This is ridiculous. Whoopi is one of the most talented and kind-hearted people I know. Hollywood is worse off without her.”

It remains to be seen how Hollywood’s decision will affect Goldberg’s career, but one thing is for sure: the industry’s thirst for scandal and drama shows no signs of slowing down, even if it means losing a true gem like Whoopi Goldberg.