Keith Urban sits at girl’s hospital bed to grant her last wish with a sweet serenade

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Keith Urban is undoubtedly one of the most respected and kindest musicians out there.

Marissa English is a super Keith Urban fan; she has memorabilia from all his concerts she’s attended and a Keith Urban t-shirt she wraps around her pillow and hugs at night.

But when Marissa couldn’t make his Ohio performance because she was in hospital, country music star Keith Urban decided to take the concert to her — all thanks to the nurses who care for her.

Marissa, 25, had various health issues from birth including severe scoliosis and cerebral palsy. She was born with an inoperable cyst on her brain.

“She stayed in the hospital five and a half months and when we took her home, the doctors said, ‘Go home and enjoy her for possibly a year,” her mom Marlise Matthews told WTOL. “That might be the longest you have her.”

But this hasn’t stopped her from loving the music and her favorite country star – Keith Urban.

Her mom told WTOL that anyone would be hard-pressed to find a fan as dedicated as her daughter.

The nurses at Mercy Health St. Vincent Hospital that were caring for English started a social media campaign to get Keith Urban to visit English after she was too ill to attend his sold-out show. And Urban agreed to visit his sweet fan!

Urban showed up and sang to Marissa English in her hospital room while kneeling beside her bed and holding her hand. He took photos and hugged her. Just watching the joy on this woman’s face is so heartwarming.

Keith Urban was so moved by Marissa’s strength to survive. He even announced to his fans at the concert that he got to meet who he thinks is his “biggest” fan — a beautiful girl named Marissa.

Watch the wonderful moment in the video below.

Great job, Keith Urban!!! You made that girl’s dreams come true. Watching him sing to that precious girl gave me chills.

And what an incredible woman Marissa is; she has fought to survive despite all the odds. She deserves this visit from such a humble super star who never gets too big to forget his fans.

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