More than three dozen Oklahoma inmates graduate with community college degrees

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The prison system is meant to rehabilitate those in it and help them come out the other side as contributing members of society.

So it is always heartwarming to see when the system works and helps to rehabilitate those who want to put their old crimes in the past!

The officials at the Oklahoma Department of Corrections work incredibly hard to help rehabilitate those who are sentenced to jail there. 15 years ago, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections made a partnership that has served them splendidly over the years.

They partnered with the Tulsa Community College to help their inmates have a chance at a college degree. Since then, they say over 600 inmates have successfully completed their higher education.

The men at a particular center recently had a graduation ceremony organized specially for them. The inmates at Dick Conner Correctional Center in Hominy had an official ceremony to celebrate their success in completing their higher education.

More than three dozen inmates from the center attended the ceremony to receive their diplomas.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections posted on Facebook, “Please help us congratulate the Class of 2022,” they wrote.

It seemed like an emotionally charged evening with a lot of happy and proud tears shed as well as big smiles for pictures.

Inmates wore blue robes and traditional graduation caps. Emotional hugs were exchanged between those graduating and their mentors, and teachers.

People were incredibly happy and appreciative of this graduation ceremony and what the inmates had achieved.

“I think this is phenomenal! Way to go TCC,” one person wrote.

“Thinking about the thousands of hours these men did to earn their degrees. Impressive,” another wrote.

Others were critical of other facilities that did not offer those incarcerated within their premises the same opportunities.

“Too bad all of the facilities do not offer this opportunity. Some do not even have tech trade in them even though they say they do,” one user wrote.

All in all, the emotions were heavily positive.

It truly is wonderful to see these young men being able to graduate with higher education degrees. What a wonderful program!

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