Prince Charles realised he loved Diana only after her death: “She was the first person who showed him real love”

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When Lady Diana walked into a room, there was hardly anyone who wasn’t charmed by her beauty and personality. Moreover, her humanitarian works and rebel attitude garnered her fans from all across the world, who also dubbed her the People’s Princess. But it was her husband’s attention that she truly craved but tragically that wish was never really fulfilled, at least not while they were married.

Their marriage was certainly no fairytale as it was made out to be, even if their wedding seemed to be so. Although they tried to make their relationship work while raising their two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, it began falling apart as Camilla Parker-Bowles re-entered Charles’ life. Turns out, this was what prompted the princess to appear on the explosive BBC interview with Martin Bashir and share a particularly famous line.

“Do you think Mrs. Parker-Bowles was a factor in the breakdown of your marriage?” asked Bashir to which the mother-of-two responded, “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” In 1996, they finally divorced but despite their separation, they became better friends.

“After the divorce Charles got a very good friend in Diana, because she understood him. Nobody is happy if their other half has affairs, but she loved Charles with all her heart,” said Healer and Princess Diana’s friend, Simone Simmons as per Express UK. The late princess’ personal chef Darren McGrady also recalled an incident proving that the two were slowly getting back on good terms.

“Charles would fly up from Highgrove and land on the field behind Kensington Palace. One time he landed he had six motorcycle outriders and his back-up car, but got caught short and needed the bathroom. He rang the princess and she said, ‘Fine, come in.’ The police got off their bikes and waited and the princess let him in. When he came out and was about to get in the car, she shouted, ‘Same time next week Charles!’ and winked at him. The police put on their helmets quickly and Charles went bright red. You could see they still had affection for each other,” he continued.

Just as they were trying to work on having a better relationship, Diana passed away in a tragic crash a year after their divorce. It was only after her death that the Prince of Wales realized something extremely important. “Charles only realised he loved her after she died. I don’t think he realised how much he loved Diana until she was gone. She was the first person who showed him real love,” revealed Simmons.

Cover image source: Getty | Photo by Daniel Leal – WPA Pool