Seemingly Overweight Dancer Gives Audience The Surprise Of Their Lives With Amazing Routine

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A newly surfaced video is showing that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, especially when it comes to dance!

Most dancers look incredibly thin, small, and fit, so when John Lindo took the stage to perform a West Coast swing dance, the audience did not know what to think.

Unlike most dancers, John is a big and tall guy, so he does not fit the typical dancer stereotype.

As soon as John begins to move in the video below, however, it quickly becomes clear that he really is an amazingly talented dancer!
John has enjoyed a decades-long dancing career in which he has proven people wrong about him time and time again.

He first found success on the West Coast Swing circuit back in 1992 by capturing wins at a bunch of championships.

During his illustrious career, John has won first place at the U.S. Open, Grand Nationals, and has been the Phoenix Champion of Champions.
In the video below, you’ll see John and his partner Deborah Szekely win first place in a West Coast Swing competition.

The crowd may have been skeptical when John took the stage, but by the end of the routine, it was clear to everyone that the team were going to win the grand prize!