Special Olympics star with Down syndrome retires after 27 years of working at the same supermarket

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There is still a lot of stigma surrounding children born with Down syndrome. But hopefully, people like Philip Donahue, who are born with the condition can advocate for change around it!

Philip has led an inspirational life and is now retiring after a great career!

Philip Donahue, a resident of Massachusetts has led an inspiring life. Donahue is now in his 40s and believes it is time for him to bid farewell to his job at Market Basket. He has now retired from the career held for the last 27 years!

Donahue has Down syndrome but has never let his condition define who he is. He started his career at Market Basket when he was 16 years old. He started off as a bagger for groceries and worked his way up over the years to become a customer service representative.

His co-workers absolutely adore him and call him a “beloved presence,” as he was known for always warmly greeting customers and colleagues alike.

His company dedicated a special message to their employee on his retirement on their Facebook page. The message read, “Thank you Philip for serving our customers in the Lowell and Tewksbury communities for 27 years! You are a fine example for us all! We wish you a very happy retirement.”

His job at Market Basket is not the only official position he held. Philip is also a member of the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress’ Self Advocate Advisory Council. He is also on the board of Lowell’s Recreational Adult Resource Association.

Apart from that, he is also a Special Olympics star as he runs track and also holds an impressive brown belt in karate!

Philip has truly led an inspirational life and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors!

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