The Most Effective Method To Utilize Toothpaste To Annihilate Cockroaches

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In spite of your various endeavors to dispense with them, you every now and again find cockroaches in breaks, pantries, under the sink, close to the fridge, garbage bins or even home devices.

Cockroaches and cockroaches will generally attack our homes and spread through our kitchens and in essential spots in the house looking for extra food. In this article, figure out how to involve toothpaste as a cockroach repellent.


3 teaspoons of sugar
4 teaspoons of flour
2-3 teaspoons of toothpaste
3 teaspoons of water

In a bowl, blend the fixings referenced to make a sort of glue.
Structure balls with your hands
Circulate these balls where cockroaches pass to trap them