This 90-year-old woman left over $32,000 in her will to protect K-9 officers with bulletproof vests

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A dog-lover made sure that her brave canine friends were taken care of even after her death. Florida resident Pamela Mobbs, was 90 when she passed away in October 2020. But before her death, the lifelong dog-lover made sure that her will and testament were updated in a way that helped her furry pals at her local Sheriff’s department.

Per Newsweek, Mobbs left over $32,000 to Volusia Sheriff’s department so that it could purchase protective armor for its K-9 unit consisting of trained police dogs. According to NBC Miami, the money will be equally divided to not only purchase the vests but for the department to buy and train more dogs. Her love for dogs began at a very early age as she grew up on her grandfather’s estate which was guarded by a “fierce” dog.

According to Mobbs’ daughter Jane, she loved that guard dog wholeheartedly. But what made her donate money that would help K-9 police dogs? Well, it happened after Jane took Mobbs to see a K-9 police dog demonstration on a boardwalk near Daytona Beach one day. Apparently, she “completely fell in love.” Jane told WESH, “She thoroughly enjoyed the K-9s and watching the officers handle them.”

But after watching them and learning how these dogs put themselves in harm’s way, which can often turn fatal, she just knew something had to be done to ensure as much safety as possible. She also wanted to make sure they were well trained. “My mother wholeheartedly believed all the K-9s should be fitted with bulletproof vests as they often go into uncertain areas first to help apprehend suspects,” noted the daughter. “She would be so happy to know that she is making a difference in a dog’s well-being.”

“This is an incredible gift to our agency and it represents this woman’s amazing love for dogs,” expressed Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood. Now the Volusia Sheriff’s Department currently has 18 dogs in its K-9 unit and these animals help officers with assistive duties like detecting drugs and explosives and sometimes even aiding in search-and-rescue missions as well as arrests.

Chitwood went on to note how demanding and dangerous the job is, revealing how the department’s two dogs were heartbreakingly shot and wounded in 2020. These canine officers are fitted with protective vests so they can fend off stabbing and bullets. Mobbs’ gift will now help dogs that will join the department in the future. “Her legacy will continue to positively impact the Sheriff’s office and our citizens for years to come,” shared Sheriff Chitwood.

Cover image source: Facebook | Volusia Sheriff’s Office