Tyler Moldovan, 22-year-old police officer shot 8 times, returns home after ‘miraculous’ months-long recovery

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Tyler Moldovan, a Phoenix police officer who was shot 8 times in December 2021, returned home Thursday after spending a month on life support and several months at a rehabilitation center.

“129 days ago, we checked into our rehab program at Craig’s. Today, we leave with miraculous progress, amazing resources and an awesome set of new friends (our team and fellow families).”

On December 14, 2021, Moldovan was shot and seriously wounded while responding to a call about an erratic driver.

The 22-year-old officer was taken to the hospital and placed on life support and given a grim prognosis. But day by day Moldovan might slight improvements.

Throughout his recovery his wife Chelsea shared updates on Instagram.

Three weeks after the shooting Tyler was able to go outside and enjoy some fresh air.

“We know that Tyler recognizes those around him and responds with facial expressions like smiling. When no one thought he would, he opened his eyes,” she wrote one week.

In January, Chelsea asked for continued prayers for her husband as he continued to make progress.

“We hold onto our faith that Tyler will continue to make progress,” Chelsea wrote. “He has been a miracle already and the progress he has made in three weeks alone is marvelous; the impossible is being made possible.”

Days later he showed movement in all four limbs, and within weeks the couple had received the good news that Tyler would be discharged from the hospital in order to continue his recovery at a rehab facility.

“Six weeks ago, no one knew where we would be now,” she wrote on Instagram. “No one even thought twice about rehab in the future. But here we are, by the wonders of God!”

Now, four months later Tyler was finally able to return home.

On Thursday, he was discharged from the rehab facility. He flew into Deer Valley Airport before being driven to his home in an ambulance.

As he made the final part of his journey home, family, friends, and supporters lined the streets to welcome him back.

“I don’t think we thought we were going to see this day so it’s a pleasure and an honor to be out here,” Anne Ender, president and founder of Operation Blue Ribbon said.

Tyler, who uses a wheelchair and has limited mobility, will continue on his road to recovery at home.

“This is a miracle from God. There’s no other explanation, there’s no denying it,” David Margau, one of Tyler’s supporters, said. “He shouldn’t have been here, he got shot eight times, this is a miracle.”

The suspect responsible for shooting Tyler, Essa Kolareh Eugene Williams, was arrested and faces several felony charges.

I’ve been praying for Officer Moldovan ever since I heard about this terrible shooting. I’m so glad to hear of his miraculous recovery!

Please share and continue to send your prayers for his continued healing.