Ukrainians feed starving, surrendered Russian soldier who breaks down during video call with mom

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Out political leaders have learned nothing from the wars in the past. In the end, those that suffer are innocent civilians, the very people that vote them into power after falling for their “I swear to protect you” oath. Just like every other war, the one that is currently being fought between Russia and Ukraine is also extremely futile and there is a touching video that bears testament to it.

The viral clip shows the shocking absurdity of war as a starving Russian breaks down while speaking to his mother over a video call. The soldier, who reportedly surrendered himself to Ukrainians, was seen being fed buns and warm tea by the very people he was sent to attack. Kind Ukrainians can be seen helping him gain back his strength as the clips shows him gulping down the drinks and munching the food eagerly.

Meanwhile, there’s one woman standing in front of him holding a phone near his face. Per reports, she was helping him video call his mother. The soldier seems calm and composed throughout most of the video but as soon as he sees his mom on the phone, he breaks down. The Russian soldier kisses his fingers as a gesture of affection while greeting his mother.

According to a translation of the audio, made by someone claiming to be a native Russian, the man narrating the scenario says that the young soldier did not know where he was or why he had been placed on a convoy into Ukraine. The man then went on to urge Russian mothers and other civilians to keep their children home and stand up against this senseless war. “They’re giving their kids away as cannon fodder. They don’t know where they are driving,” he says, according to DailyDot.

As for the conversation, the woman holding the phone addressed the soldier’s mom as Natasha and assures her that her son is being cared for. She tells her that her young son is safe and that they will continue communicating with her. When the soldier sees his mom he is left in tears and so the young woman places her hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

Despite being attacked, Ukrainians have surprisingly shown massive compassion for their invaders. The Ukrainian military has even promised to give back captured Russian to their mother if the moms come to Kyiv to get them. “It was decided to give the captured Russian soldiers to their mothers if they come for them to Ukraine, to Kyiv,” read a translation of the text. “There you will be met and escorted to Kyiv, where they will give you your son. We, Ukrainians, unlike Putin’s fascists, do not fight mothers and their captive children.”

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