Video of newborn baby twins cuddling perfectly captures the loveliness of the twin bond

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Twins occur every 3 in 100 births in the U.S. with the birth rate for these double bundles of joy rising considerably over the last two decades.

They are lucky because they always have a partner in crime and never feel alone. Although they may strive for independence as they get older they always know who to turn to in times of need.

But their bond starts in the womb and they have each other for comfort as they develop.

If anyone is in any doubt that this bond starts before birth watch these two adorable newborn twin girls cuddle in their sleep. It’s probably the cutest thing you’re going to see all day.

Despite being out of a crowded tummy they still hold onto to each other as they snooze in their crib.

Their facial expressions say it all; it’s a look of pure happiness and contentment.

One twin opens her eyes briefly and when she realizes where she is, safe in her crib with her twin holding her, she smiles and goes back to sleep.

That look of pure contentment is all a parent needs to see to be happy.

This cute video was posted from an Instagram account for the two babies, called Tobon twins.

The twins are called Sofia and Sara who are now toddlers and still as adorable and close as they clearly were at just a few weeks old.

Their parents love to travel and while they were only toddlers they visited Italy, Spain and Greece with their adoring mom and dad, who are making having twins look easy.

Unilad Magazine posted the video on its Facebook page and so far 22 million people have watched it with 133,000 reactions.

Both Juan Carlos and Juliana Tobon work as real estate professionals and they are very successful at their jobs.

Thousands have also commented sharing pictures of their own twins cuddling with one aunt saying her niece and nephew twins have been “cuddle buddies from day 1”.

These two are so lucky to have each other to enjoy all their adventures.

See them cuddling as newborns in the clip below.

It doesn’t get cuter than this!

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