“We married ‘outside of our race’. We get hateful stares, slurs – woman says ‘we will rise above negativity’

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Brady and Asharel met when they were both freshmen in college; they had classes together and knew they liked each other but tried to ignore it, until they couldn’t any longer.

They dated throughout college and got engaged shortly after they graduated.

It was a fairytale experience for both of them, getting married 10 months after they got engaged and then falling pregnant ten months after they married, but not everyone had the same view of the love they had for each other.

“As an interracial couple, we have learned to ignore some people while out in public,” Asharel shared with Love What Matters.

“As an interracial couple, we sometimes get glares from both the white and black communities. Glares that are meant to be judgmental since we are ‘married outside of our race.’

“The glares and hateful stares have never bothered my husband and I, but we definitely notice it.

“We have been together for so long and have come so far in our relationship that we just laugh, and talk about how ridiculous people are in 2020 to still judge an interracial couple.”

When Asharel was in 3rd grade she moved to Glenpool, Oklahoma, and felt welcome there despite being one of the few people of color in her school.

Her husband Brady grew up in a small, predominantly white town and was taught to love everyone.

“He loved his black friends and coaches as if they were his own family,” she said.

Asharel says now they are both more mature they understand that some people will always judge them and not like that they are together but it only serves to make their relationship stronger.

“We have come to understand it does not matter what other people think. We love each other so much it only makes our love grow stronger for one another.”

Asharel and Brady have a baby girl and have vowed to teach her to love everything about herself and to educate her on her cultural backgrounds.

“We are determined to teach our daughter to love everyone, no matter the color of their skin, appearance, etc. We are determined to teach her to love with an open heart.

“We will teach her to know the color of someone’s skin does not define who they are,” Asharel says.

I too can’t believe people have this response to an interracial couple in 2020.

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