1998 interview shows David Letterman crossing the line with young Jennifer Aniston in front of live audience

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It’s quite fascinating to watch domino tiles fall one after another in uniformity. It does have a rather calming effect, isn’t it? Well, when the same thing happens in real life, it’s called the “Domino Effect” and safe to say that this is exactly what’s happening with talk show host David Letterman. After the release of the Framing Britney Spears documentary, a lot of creepy and disrespectful late-night interviews have cropped up, and unsurprisingly, most of them seem to be by Late Show host David Letterman, reports Scary Mommy.

While Letterman might have had a reputation for being an elderly, affable host, especially towards the end of his Late Show career, it’s safe to say that even the ones who are considered to be the best by some don’t know, or don’t care, if they’re crossing the line of decency.

Initially, an interview with Lindsay Lohan went viral on TikTok and Twitter, and people were quick enough to point out that Letterman had made it a habit to make women uncomfortable. Over the weekend, another interview of Letterman, this time with Jennifer Aniston, went viral for the same reason- he invaded her personal space and made her quite visibly uncomfortable in front of is live show audience. According to Fox 32, the interview is from 1998 with Aniston promoting “The Object of My Affection” at the time.

During the interview, Aniston shares a story about running into fans into her gym’s steam room. Trying to delve into more details about this encounter, Letterman asks an uncomfortable Aniston, “So, these babes come in [the steam room], they’re naked as well?” She begins to laugh nervously at this question. “How many are there?” Letterman asks again, making it clear that he wasn’t ready to let her off without an answer. “And they’re all really sweaty??” Letterman presses.

What happened next is something no one was quite prepared for. The now 73-year-old moves his chair close to the actress and says, “Forgive me if this is rude. I just want to try one thing.”

“What are you doing?!” Aniston screams, while nervously laughing and very visibly uncomfortable, as Letterman holds her neck and pulls her closer to his face, so he can suck on her hair. And he actually did do it. Letterman might have done it jokingly, but he had left the young actress weirded out by placing some of her hair into his mouth and sucking on it. Though Aniston laughed along with the audience, it was clear she didn’t enjoy it when she took the tissue Letterman offered her to wipe off his spit from her hair.

…ppl tryna say that this was a different time and we get offended by everything today. Uhm no, you can clearly tell by her body language that she was not okay after that, she was beyond uncomfortable and by the way she was talking and moving her hands—

— ✨Ms. Maine✨ (@itzms_2u) February 20, 2021
Letterman justified his actions by saying it was because of the steam room incident. “I’m sorry,” Letterman tells her in the clip. “Something to do with the steam room!”

“That was something I’ll never forget,” Aniston responded.

Just saw a clip of letterman sucking on poor Jennifer Aniston’s hair in the 90s and I guess at this point it’s more that I’m wondering if there’s some brain chemical men have that makes them absolutely batshit insane

— Amanda Hackett (@ae_hackett) February 19, 2021
Coming back to the interview with Lindsay Lohan in 2013, the host kept bombarding her with questions of her stint in rehab, and doesn’t stop even when she starts tearing up. Throughout, she can be heard saying just how mean and rude it was to talk about her addiction instead of talking about the movie, but in vain.

Letterman showed no restraint in mocking the young actress, who was going to rehab to try and find help with her addiction, which is not something to be joked about. Despite Lohan making it clear, with dignity, that she was uncomfortable with his line of questioning, the talk show host didn’t seem to care, finally bringing her to tears.

A few other examples of his insensitivity can be seen during his interviews with Paris Hilton, Janet Jackson, and Christina Aguilera reports INDY 100.

Cover Image Source: (R) YouTube/ceci3bueno/ (L) Instagram/David Letterman