300-lb Thug Targets Little Old Lady, She Grabs Her Bat And Hits A Home Run.

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Living alone at 65 is a terrible and vulnerable situation for the majority of women. But, that’s not the case for Clarese Gainey. In fact, the old Floridian seems unconcerned about being alone, even if it means protecting her life and possessions against forces considerably stronger than herself.

Gainey’s attention peaked in the early morning hours when she heard a weird noise outside her Gainesville apartment. The old woman hurried to her window without reluctance, attempting to catch a look of the noise-maker before walking outdoors. It was then that she was presented with most single, elderly women’s worst dread.

Gainey witnessed a gigantic man figure dressed just in boxers trying to break into her automobile. The determined intruder was 300-pound Antonio Mosely, who was determined to take a chunk of Gainey’s land with him. But, before she phoned the cops, there was something she needed to do.

Gainey, unwilling to let the hooligan enter her car or home, seized the closest item she could use as a weapon – a baseball bat. The angry elderly woman, who grew up as a superb baseball player, attacked Mosely, who is many times her height, and smacked the thug in the head with her bat as if she were hitting a home run.

Mosely understood he was no match for this elderly victim after acting as Gainey’s batting practice. Following a strike to the head, the half-naked assailant rushed to a neighboring mobile home park, leaving behind his pants, shirt, and sock.

Gainey contacted the police to inform them that she had battled off the unsuccessful invader and that her property was no longer in danger. Using a K-9 unit to track down the offender, the cops arrested Mosely inside a mobile home. He was sporting a fresh pair of jeans with cocaine in the pocket when he was caught.

Gainey was overjoyed to recognize her assailant so that authorities could file the appropriate charges. She added that she not only recognized his features, but that the bulge on his head was a dead giveaway.

Gainey said that, while her baseball bat is a dependable weapon, she would have gone to greater measures to guarantee that Mosely didn’t injure her or her property. For the time being, the enthusiastic older woman says she’ll keep her bat nearby in case anybody else tries to rob her.

Antonio Mosely was detained and charged with attempted robbery to an occupied house, attempted unarmed burglary to an unoccupied vehicle, and possession of a controlled narcotic. He was arrested and brought to the Alachua County prison, where his bond was set at $15,000.

Gainey’s bravery and tenacity are definitely impressive. We can only wish that she will be able to obtain a legal handgun in the future. While she’s more than adept with a stick, a rifle is significantly more effective and a far greater equalizer, particularly for small elderly ladies up against 300-pound bullies.