9-year-old raises $2,000 with lemonade stand to buy toys for shelter cats

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A love for animals is a universal experience. Seeing animals in need is never easy no matter how old you are. I can say that when I see an animal suffering, I try to do everything within my power to help it.

Ben Miller has a similar mindset and a very inspiring story. The young boy started his lemonade stand in 2019 with one aim in mind – to get all the cats at the Idaho Humane Society toys and treats.

Ben, who is 9-years old visited the Idaho Humane Society in 2019 with his grandmother. During his visit, he noticed something heartbreaking; not all the cats had toys.

“I saw that some cats didn’t have toys,” said soft-hearted Ben Miller, reported CNN news.

This is when Ben’s entrepreneurial instincts kicked in.
Ben decided to raise money himself to provide the cats with all the toys and treats they needed.

He set out to start a lemonade stand to raise funds and quickly gained notoriety for his fundraising efforts!

The first time Ben set up the lemonade stand was in 2019. That year he managed to raised $200 in funds. In 2020, Ben was unable to set up his lemonade stand because of the Covid-19 pandemic but resumed it in 2021. That year he tripled his fundraising by making $600 from his lemonade stand.

In his second year running the stand, the shelter started promoting Ben’s good deed on their social media accounts, which led to even more donations. People who could not personally make it to Ben’s lemonade stand, made sure to venmo him their donations.

This year, Ben doubled his earnings and made $1,150!
As a result Ben has raised over $2,000 in the last three years for the cats at the Idaho humane society. This is not a small sum by any means and is a major contribution on the behalf of an individual; especially one who is just 9 years old!

Ben really gives the lemonade stand his all; offering customers choices between classic and lavender flavored lemonade. He also offers sweet treats such as cookies to raise funds.

Of course, Ben’s generosity and valiant efforts are both well recognized and appreciated by the staff at the humane society.

Kristine Schellhaas, who works as the communications manager at the Idaho Humane Society told the media that the money donated by Ben would be used for life saving care provided to cats and kittens. She shared that the money will go towards various different costs that the shelter had such as costs for veterinary care, food, and other important supplies.

She added that contributions made by individuals like Ben were essential to keeping things going at their organization. And that she deeply appreciated what the 9-year old did for them.

According to his mother, Ben Miller is even more encouraged to keep his efforts for the homeless cats going. He hopes to set up another stall in 2023 to raise funds.

Young people with generosity like that displayed by Ben are truly a treasure. We should all aim to have the kind of empathy this young boy has.

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