Christian farmer refuses to bend his morals for “Shark Tank” judges, earns him deal of a lifetime

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It’s easy to forget that there are things more important than money. Which is why I’m always heartened by people who work hard to protect the environment and help others save money so that they earn a better living for themselves. And this is especially true of farmers, who struggle just to put food on our tables. So when I saw the Christian irrigation farmer Johnny Georges from Florida, appear on ”Shark Tank”, I didn’t care that the panel of entrepreneurs weren’t initially interested in his product. This guy has spirit and heart—and an idea that could make a positive impact on thousands of farmers across America.

Georges was on the show in to ask the panel for an investment of $150,000 in his “Tree T-Pee” company. His invention is a game-changer in plant irrigation and it saves thousands of gallons of water for farmers every year. The only problem? Georges’ business model. One “Tree T-Pee” costs him $2.95 to make one, but he only sells it for $4.50.

Once the judges understood this, they asked Georges to raise the price of his product to perhaps $12. This would allow both Georges and investors to make make money, and they would also be able to scale the company and reach every potential customer in America.

But Georges’ buyers aren’t your average customers. They’re farmers, and Georges refuses to overcharge them. When Georges explained this, he seemed extremely nervous. He darted side to side, and tears started to well up.

Instantly one investor was out. But just when Georges thought he was going home empty-handed, another judge offered to invest the entire $150,000. He praised the product and more importantly, Georges’ big heart, convictions, and spirit.

It’s impressive to see someone like Georges do the right thing even under intense pressure to sell out. Good luck, Georges! We’re rooting for you!

Watch Georges stand up for his convictions and the American farmer here:

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