Deaf baby is overwhelmed with emotion when she hears mom say “I love you” for the 1st time

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It didn’t take long before Charly’s parents realized something was not quite right with their newborn baby girl.

She didn’t respond to sound at all. They began to suspect to that their daughter had a hearing problem.

Of course, as a parent, you hope for the best for your child and do everything in your power to help them. So Charly’s mom immediately took her baby to see the doctor.

Children learn from an early age to develop thoughtfulness and emotional well-being through listening.

It is not common for small children not to hear, but if you suspect that this might be the case with your child, it’s important to seek help early on.

Getting help early on can will promote their language development. The sooner they get the right tools, the faster they can develop their language.

Although Charly’s parents discovered the problem early on, they weren’t sure whether a hearing aid would help.

It’s not easy to ask young children who have not yet even learned to crawl.

When the appliance was placed in Charly’s ear, mom was very nervous, but also very hopeful.

It didn’t take long before Charly’s eyes lit up when she heard her mother’s voice.

In fact, hearing mom’s voice was so touching and overwhelming, that Charly breaks into tears.

It’s amazing how even a baby can have so many emotions at the same time.

Nobody can ever quite know what little Charly felt when she heard her mother for the first time.

Now, while Charly has a good bit left to go before she can talk, she is certainly on the right path.

Take a look at the video below to see Charly’s tear-jerking reaction:

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