Deaf son surprises mom by secretly paying off her mortgage: “He saved his money for our mother”

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To show his gratitude for his mom, a South Carolina man decided to present her with something that would change her life. Malcolm Jenkins, who has been hard of hearing since he was three, decided to pay off his mother’s mortgage during a recent visit to his hometown.

Jenkins wanted to make sure that it was a surprise and to this end, he hatched a sneaky plan with his sister Natasha. For months Jenkins had been keeping a track of the mortgage balance and when he was finally ready to take care of it, he and his sister told their mother, Claudia Smith, 59, about their wish to make a small contribution towards it as a gift.

Natasha was the one who made the phone call before calling the bank and informing that her family wished to make a small payment towards clearing the pending mortgage. “I actually want to use it to pay off the account,” Natasha told the bank representative and on hearing this, the surprised 59-year-old said, “What?” before dancing up and down with joy.

“My brother lost his hearing at three years old, but that never stopped him from living and excelling in life. He saved his money from working to do something like this for our mother,” said Natasha of her brother’s beautiful gesture. “My mom made sure as we all grew up that there was nothing we could not accomplish despite any odds that may have been stacked up against us. He is a true example of doing anything you put your mind to. The moment her mortgage was paid off was priceless!”

Jenkins initially thought about handing a check to his mother but later decided to do it over the phone to keep the element of surprise. Guess it was the right choice after all. The heartwarming moment was captured by their other sister who also goes by the name Claudia. “We can never repay her for all of the sacrifices she has made for us over the years – there is no monetary amount large enough to do that,” added Natasha according to Happily News.

“To this day she is a great support to all of us with anything we want to do, we are all adults but she is still as present as she was when we were growing up. We love her wholeheartedly and this was just a small way to show her that,” she continued.

Cover image source: YouTube Screenshot | Happily