Elementary school teacher died “trying to protect her students” from Texas gunman

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Eva Mireles, who had been a teacher for 17 years, taught fourth-graders at Robb Elementary. On Tuesday, she died “trying to protect her students” from a gunman who killed at least 21 people, including Mireles and another teacher, at the Texas school.

Her aunt, Lydia Martinez Delgado, told The New York Times that Mireles was a married woman in her 40s who had a child. Delgado went on to describe her niece as an avid hiker who took immense pride in teaching students who were of Latino heritage.

“I’m furious that these shootings continue, these children are innocent, rifles should not be easily available to all. This is a my hometown a small community of less then 20,000. I never imagined this would happen to especially to loved ones. not all the facts have been released yet all we can do is pray hard for our country, state, schools and especially the families of all,” said Delgado of the “senseless tragic shooting,” according to KSAT.

At least 19 students were killed in the gruesome massacre, which officials considered the deadliest school shooting in nearly a decade since December 2012 when a gunman murdered 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Marsha Espinosa revealed in a tweet that Border Patrol agent were called to the school in Uvalde. Upon arrival, the gunman fired at them injuring one during the “exchange of gunfire.” Ultimately, they managed to shoot and kill the assailant who was identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

According to state Sen. Roland Gutierrez, who had been briefed by state police, Ramos had previously hinted at his deadly intentions on social media. Gutierrez revealed that the gunman had “suggested the kids should watch out.” Before making his way to Robb Elementary school, Ramos murdered his grandmother with two military-style rifles that he had bought on his birthday.

“That was the first thing he did on his 18th birthday,” said Gutierrez. The gunman then crashed his car outside the school, evaded police, and managed to get inside the building. “There was several law enforcement that engaged the suspect, but he was able to make entry into the school, where he did go into several classrooms,” Sgt. Erick Estrada with DPS told CNN. The attack began at around 11:30 a.m. and ended at 1:00 p.m. when a Patrol Agent entered the school without backup and shot the gunman, who was behind a barricade.

Cover image source: YouTube Screenshot | MSNBC