Grandparents, together for 70 years, found dead on ‘minimum maintenance road’ after going missing 2 months ago

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A two-month search for Robert, 89, and Loveda, 92, Proctor, a couple from Nebraska, has come to an end. Unfortunately, the couple was found dead.

Their bodies were discovered Saturday afternoon inside a car on a “minimum maintenance road” in Buffalo County. According to a statement from the Aurora Police Department foul play was not suspected, and the investigation into their deaths was ongoing.

The couple seemingly vanished in mid-January. Family members first noticed something was wrong when Victor Proctor, their son, went to his parents house to bring them food.

No one was home, and it was dark.

“Grandma doesn’t usually drive when it’s dark,” Tammy Proctor, Bob and Loveda’s daughter-in-law, said.

Even though they believed the elderly couple may have simply become lost on their way home one night, Tammy and Victor filed a missing person’s report.

One of their last known locations was a hospital in Grand Island on January 11. The following day, in the early morning hours of January 12, they were spotted in Hastings on a convenient store’s surveillance footage.

It would be the last known footage of Bob, a Navy veteran who suffered from dementia, and Loveda, his wife and caretaker.

However this piece of information wasn’t discovered until a month after the couple disappeared.

“I haven’t worked one day since this happened, we’re constantly calling someone, driving somewhere,” Victor said.

“The list is endless of people who have tried to help and are continuing to help, and we just need to keep reaching out to more and more people and get it until everyone is out there looking.”

On March 11 police informed the Proctor family that Bob and Loveda had been found. Their bodies were located inside their vehicle approximately 60 miles from their home.

The couple had been together for nearly 70 years.

They leave behind a large family, which includes eight grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.

“They are in heaven watching over us,” Laci Fleming, their granddaughter, wrote on a Facebook page dedicated to the couple.

This is so heartbreaking. If there’s any silver lining, it’s the Bob and Loveda were both found and they were found together. May they rest in eternal peace.

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