“He would have done anything for you”: Officer breaks down after losing his K9 partner and best friend

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It has been five years since former K9 officer, Axel settled into a life of retirement after delicately serving the Central Falls Police Department. Even though he was no longer serving the department to keep the residents of Central Falls safe and sound, Axel was still dearly loved and the entire department mourned when he passed away.

When Axel was working alongside the police officers of the department, he was so good at what he does that he retired after the usual retirement age for K9 officers. “because he just had the drive to keep going,” said a post shared on Friends of Central Falls Animals. “He did a phenomenal job at keeping the streets safe, and he always made sure our officers were safe regardless as to how dangerous a situation was. He wouldn’t have hesitated to give his life to save the life of a fellow officer, especially his partner, Officer Decristoforo.”

For Officer Decristoforo, Axel was the first K9 officer that he worked with. And after a few years of the K9 serving somewhere else, people wondered whether Axel would get used to moving to a new city and having a new partner. But he and Officer Decristoforo were “instantly best friends who were sure to have each other’s back.”

After Axel’s death, it was like Officer Decristoforo lost his “other half”. He was devastated by the loss. “They were very lucky to have each other in life, and Axel will still be watching over him,” the post added.

The Facebook post also included a message for Officer Decristoforo which said, “Axel loved you more than he loved himself! That’s just the type of dog he was. He was yours! He would have done anything for you. Now he needs you to do something for him! Stay strong and try and remember he wouldn’t want to see you upset!”

Expressing gratitude to Axel for all that the loyal canine did, the post concluded by saying, “Axel, I want to thank you for watching over us as you have! It was an honor and a privilege to not only know you but to get to work with you. You will forever be my favorite retired officer.”

The Central Falls Police Department also shared the following tribute to the special dog.