Man attempts armed robbery of this grandmother’s food truck, but she has a gun of her own and he’s dead now

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Again, if you are dumb enough to pull a gun while committing a robbery in TEXAS, you deserve to get swiss cheese’d up. Assume everyone has a gun and are better shots. Another nogoodnik learned this lesson the hard way, attempting to rob a grandmother’s food truck.

This grandmother.

The incident took place in Houston. Like a lot of progressive cities in America, crime in Houston is out of control. Keshondra Howard Turner is a cook at her family’s food truck, Elite Eats. Known for their “ox tail, hamburgers, pork chops, wings.”

A man pulled a gun on Turner, demanding money. She was able to close the window on him, but he opened it and pointed his gun at her with the intent of opening fire. Thank God, the gun jammed. Turner was able to grab HER gun and fired multiple shots. The man was pronounced dead on the spot.

Turner is lucky she was a concealed carry holder. But more so, she is lucky the man’s gun jammed. Her son believes there’s a reason for that.

“She’s a Godly woman, that’s why the gun jammed because God jammed it.”

Obviously, the photo chosen by the reporter is not right after the shooting. Because this is the look of a woman who does not give a f*********ck.

Miss Keshondra joins our collection of badass grannies who are not afraid to show these young whippersnappers how to handle business. I can also go for a burger right now.