Mom delivers 4 babies after waiting for 7 years, video of quadruplets melts hearts

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Having a child is considered a blessing by most parents. And when you have a child after years of wanting one, it can seem all the sweeter.

This mom waited seven long years to have a child, and when her time came, she was blessed with not one baby but four. This is her inspiring and heartwarming story…

Being a mother is a tough task and a challenge not everyone is up for. However, once a woman sets her sights to motherhood, there is little that can dissuade her from her chosen path.

A couple who had been married for over seven years had always dreamt of starting a family together. The woman actually used to pray for a set of twins; something she had always wanted.

Seven years passed and when no one expected the prayers to be answered… they were. The prayers were not only answered but literally answered double-fold. Instead of the twins, the couple had wished for, they were blessed with quadruplets!

A video of the miraculous birth had people bubbling up with joy for the couple. People commented about what a blessed occasion it was, joining in on the couple’s happiness.

One user wrote, “Wow! God is faithful congratulations i tap into this wonderful blessing.”

While another gushed, “Congrats and praise be to God the doer of this wonder. I tap into this blessings.”

It is obvious that this couple was blessed beyond what they had ever imagined with the birth of their four children. From wanting to be a mother to twins, she became a mother to quadruplets!

The sweet video shows a restless man waiting outside the delivery room as the newborns are brought out by medical professionals one by one. Instea

The video then shows the little newborns who are all being doted upon by medical professionals who check the babies to make sure they are healthy.

The video truly is wonderful and a solid reminder that prayers are answered for all, in one way or another.

We send this wonderful family our best wishes as they embark on raising these quadruplets.

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