Robert Irwin photographs big sister Bindi Irwin & his baby niece Grace for magazine

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Australian television personality Bindi Irwin was all smiles alongside her adorable baby daughter, Grace Warrior, as they posed for a photo shoot by none other than Bindi’s younger brother: television personality and photographer, Robert Irwin.

The shoot was geared to be featured on the cover of People Magazine and we’re so pleased to see the wonderful outcome.

Bindi looks lovely and radiant next to her 14-month-old cutie, Grace Warrior, who the camera also clearly loves.

There’s a sense of comfort and familiarity in their smiles: perhaps because behind the camera was Bindi’s little brother and Grace’s proud uncle, Robert Irwin, a successful wildlife photographer who is also a TV personality.

“I have been a passionate wildlife photographer for many years, but taking portraits was a new experience,” Robert said. “I am the proudest uncle!”

Bindi and Robert Irwin are the children of the late Stephen Robert Irwin, better known as ‘The Crocodile Hunter,’ who so many remember with fondness. The Australian television personality and wildlife expert achieved worldwide fame with his television series The Crocodile Hunter, which aired between 1996 and 2007.

Steve died on September 4, 2006, so he wasn’t present for the photoshoot, but we’re sure he would have been beaming with pride at the sight of his two children and sweet grandchild working together on producing such a magical stream of photos.

A Family Tradition
Grace has sure grown quickly, and it appears that she is already following in her mother’s footsteps.

Indeed, Bindi told People Magazine that Grace has a blast hanging out at the Australia Zoo with her family, and even has a favorite animal: tortoises.

“It’s so fun watching her explore everything,” Bindi said. “We have our hands full!”

It also appears clear that little Grace is drawn to and intrigued by her late grandpa’s life.

“We have so many documentaries of Dad, and we’re always playing them for Grace,” Bindi told People Magazine.

“It’s so fun to watch her study him. I didn’t realize how much Dad’s passion for life and his animated facial expressions — I mean, they captivate her,” Bindi added.

Bindi also shared that she sees parts of the Crocodile Hunter in her daughter.

“His determination and his inability to sit still,” Bindi said. I think that’s really special. I’m excited to see as she grows up how her personality will develop. If Dad was around, honestly, we would never see her. He would be in love.”

Bindi added that her father truly left a legacy behind by unknowingly “creating the most wonderful TV programming for our daughter.”

“It’s so lovely that without him knowing, he was creating the most wonderful TV programming for our daughter,” she said. “She just stares at him in complete and utter fascination. She hangs on every word he says. Whether he’s talking about a croc or a spider, she thinks it’s amazing.”

Grace celebrated her first birthday in March 2021, and we simply can’t wait to see who she grows up to be.

But if we had to take a guess, we think she might very well continue the long-standing Irwin tradition of love for nature and adventure!

How endearing to see the Crocodile Hunter’s sweet granddaughter growing up to love animals, too!

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