“To hell with ratings and talent”: A humble Adam Sandler kills as he accepts the Mark Twain Award for comedic genius

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At this point in the news day, we could all use a laugh. So here’s Adam Sandler.

It’s a more serious, subdued Sandler. He is accepting the Mark Twain Award for comedy. This is the event Chris Rock was at where he mocked how stupid Democrats were to think arresting Trump would work out for them.

Even a subdued, reflective Sandler still has his moments of Sandlerness:

“Hello, my name is Adam Sandler and I am the Mark Twain Humor Prize Award for Greatness in American Funny, and bringing the thunderous belly laugh to the sweet people of planet Earth. […] And as you guys babbled on and on about me, I couldn’t help but think to hell with ratings and talent.”

The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor is presented to individuals who have “had an impact on American society in ways similar to” Twain. It was won in the past by Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle.

It was funny hearing Sandler say he was discovered by Dennis Miller, because I was watching Saturday Night Live when Sandler debuted on the Weekend Update…and he CHOKED. So bad, Miller had to tell him to calm down. Then in the very next skit, Sandler came out as Axl Rose signing nursery rhymes and the rest was history.

Love of Sandler might be a generational thing. But for me, I’ve always appreciated that he is who he is and his movies are what they are. Nothing but dumb laughs. He’s spent his career picking an exotic place to vacation and writing a movie around it as an excuse to bring his friends and family. And when all else fails, he does a Grown Ups movie just so he can hang out with Rock, Schneider, and Spade.

Though ironically enough, my favorite film of his is Funny People where he plays an “Adam Sandler-like” comedian and they make fun of “Adam Sandler-like” movies.

God bless the Sandman!