Ukrainian couple ties the knot on the frontline as fellow soldiers serenade them

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A beautiful sight was witnessed on the frontline in Ukraine as a couple was filmed getting married in their military uniform as fellow soldiers serenaded them. The nuptial celebration unfolded near Kyiv where the newlywed couple, Lesya and Valeriy, are stationed as a part of the territorial defense.

In a video, Lesya could be seen holding a bouquet of flowers as both she and her husband clutch champagne flutes. She smiles as he holds Valeriy’s hand and is cheered by the crowd after switching her helmet for a beautiful white veil. Soon a group of soldiers sing a chorus to the couple, with a man playing an instrument that appears to be a bandura, a Ukrainian folk musical instrument that is similar to a flute.

Among the attendees is one soldier who dons an Orthodox Christian cross, which is often seen at weddings in the country where most people follow the religion. Per Daily Mail, the touching footage was actually shared by reporter Paul Ronzheimer who works for German news outlet BILD-Zeitung and has been covering the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“This couple, Lesya and Valeriy, just got married next to the frontline in Kyiv. They are with the territorial defense,” wrote Ronzheimer sharing the clip. “I sincerely hope that they can form a beautiful family and that the war is just a bad memory in their life,” commented one user. “This reminds me [of the] Titanic movie .. ship is sinking yet the music band in the ship cheer people not to panic .. great courage great strength #Ukraine more power and love to you all.” noted another.

Right before Vladimir Putin announced his plans to invade Ukraine, a couple tied the knot. Yaryna Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin had big plans for a beautiful wedding but it all came crashing down when air raid sirens began ringing in the background. “That was very scary,” recalled Arieva who got married to her partner at Kyiv’s St Michael’s monastery that day.

“It’s the happiest moment of your life, and you go out, and you hear that,” she noted. Per CNN, the pair planned to get married later this year on May 6 but they had to prepone the ceremony and rush it when Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine. “The situation is hard. We are going to fight for our land,” said Arieva, who met her 24-year-old partner during a protest in the center of Kyiv in October 2019. “We maybe can die, and we just wanted to be together before all of that.”

“Maybe they (Russia) will just get out from our country and we will have an ability to celebrate normally,” hoped Arieva. “I just hope that everything will go normal and we will have our land, we will have our country safe and happy without any Russians in it.” They revealed their plans of joining the local Territorial Defense Center to defend their country following their nuptials. “We have to protect it. We have to protect the people we love and the land we live on. I hope for the best, but I do what I can to protect my land,” said the bride.

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Source: YouTube Screenshot | The Sun