Woman Discovers Husband’s Affair Through Expensive Glasses Found In Their Kitchen

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The Reddit community often provides a platform for individuals to seek advice, share experiences, and find empathy in difficult situations. In this case, the harrowing description of the discovery of infidelity likely stirred a range of emotions among Redditors who came across this post on r/relationship_advice.

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On the r/relationship_advice thread on Reddit, a lady shared how she discovered her husband’s affair. OP stated that she discovered expensive ladies’ glasses on her kitchen counter and that her husband and oldest son lied to her when she asked about them.

According to the OP’s explanation, her husband claimed he had a conversation with another woman about an affair in which he said the other woman was much better than his wife.

The OP stated, “I informed him that praising her by comparing her to me was upsetting and completely unnecessary. He said I was being irrational and jealous and that his words had no real meaning. After that, he said nothing about it, so I gave up.”

OP discovered expensive women’s glasses in the kitchen the next day. When she picked them up, she asked her husband and oldest son who the glasses belonged to, but both gave false answers: her husband said he didn’t know, and his oldest son claimed the glasses belonged to his friend Allison.

After that, the OP said she was going to return the glasses because she didn’t think a child should own such expensive glasses.

The author stated: “When I spoke to Alison’s mother, she confirmed that they were not Alison’s and that neither she nor her daughter owned such sunglasses.”

She said: “My son went from saying he could have sworn they were Alison’s, well maybe not, maybe I don’t know who they are,” as she again discussed the glasses with her husband and eldest son. Subsequently, my husband admitted that he remembered taking our son’s sunglasses out of his backpack while he was organizing his lunch supplies.”

Her youngest child the next day claimed to have identified the glasses and that they belonged to Noelle, the person her husband was comparing. He also supplemented it with food.

OP’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that. She said: “My husband didn’t realize they were hers; he thought they were mine so he didn’t move them,” after encountering them when he came home from work. My oldest son lied about them because he immediately knew who they were. He tried to hide from me because he knew I would find out.”

When the OP returned the glasses to Noelle, the owner, she discovered that her husband had told her – falsely – that he and his wife were getting divorced. The writer added: “She looked really confused and told me why would I care if we broke up anyway?”

When she finally spoke to her, both women were horrified to discover that their husbands had lied to them.

When the OP approached her husband, he said he wasn’t sure how he felt, and if he found out it was true that he was against Noelle, he would tell his wife and was afraid of losing her.

After finding out his lies, the OP fired him and Noelle followed suit. OP said she was divorcing him and that their lawyers would be her only means of communication.

How do Redditors feel?

The emotional whirlwind of discovering infidelity can be devastating, as seen in this Reddit post on r/relationship_advice. The community’s response to this heartbreaking situation likely included a range of emotions—empathy for the OP’s distress, frustration at her husband’s cheating, and perhaps sharing experiences from those who have faced similar challenges.

In such circumstances, Reddit communities often rally around the poster and offer support, advice, and validation of their feelings. They probably encouraged OP to prioritize self-care, seek legal counsel, and focus on healing from the betrayal.

This story serves as a stark reminder of the complexity of relationships and the immense impact of trust and honesty. The upheaval caused by the dishonesty, coupled with the revelation of infidelity and manipulation, underscores the importance of transparency and respect in any partnership.

In the end, the Reddit community probably rallied behind the OP and applauded her strength in taking decisive action to prioritize her well-being and move toward a healthier future, free of the cheating that plagued her marriage.