Woman Tails Kidnapper’s Car for 30 Minutes to Save a 5-Year-Old Girl Abducted From Her Home

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Compassion, kindness, love, and humanity, like it or not, have an everlasting allure that never fades. In difficult situations, it is normal for individuals to worry for and assist their family and friends. But what actually matters is going out of your way to assist a complete stranger.

We frequently find ourselves in odd circumstances when we have complete control over whether or not we come forward to alleviate someone’s suffering. The lady in today’s story found herself in a similar situation and thought it was her responsibility to give assistance. Luckily, her efforts were rewarded and performed wonderfully. Here’s the full story.

The police claimed they got a 911 call from UNC Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina, on the afternoon of August 10. The guy on the phone from the hospital stated that a patient had grabbed a security car and fled the premises.

Two hospital employees were believed to have received minor injuries. The cops rushed into action shortly after the 911 call and discovered the UNC Rex car that evening. However, the automobile was stated to be vacant, which surprised them.

It was eventually revealed that the motorist abandoned the Ford Escape in Sanford and allegedly switched to a Lexus. The fact that there were two persons in the car, Crystal Beatrice Walston, 36, and her five-year-old daughter, Amani Jade Bruce, was even more shocking.

Walston, a behavioural health patient at UNC Rex Hospital, allegedly went to Rosedown Drive in Cary and abducted her own daughter. The woman was claimed to have halted along the route to John Elliason’s Cary car dealership, Import Performance, to purchase a vehicle. Elliason disclosed that Walston pretended to be ready to buy a car, but she was looking at vehicles that were double her budget, and she claimed she was going to flee from her partner because he was assaulting her kid.

Another video allegedly shows Walston taking a key from the keyboard, following which Elliason claims an Infiniti Q50 from his collection was taken. Brend Reid, Walston’s mom, said that she had Bruce for a year while her daughter healed.

On the morning of August 11, a substantial breakthrough in the investigation was apparently made. Angelica Coffey stated that she was going to drop her children off at their grandmother’s house before heading to work.

Coffey was driving along I-40 when she spotted a sign flashing ‘Amber Alert’ and saw the desired Lexus in front of her. The lady, who claimed to be a UNC Health employee, quickly phoned the police and remained on the phone with dispatchers for almost 30 minutes while tailing the car.

Coffey admitted she was surprised to see the automobile but was pleased to be in the right location at the right moment. She explained that she spotted the Amber Alert since she was constantly aware of her surroundings and awoke earlier than normal that morning. Coffey further stated that she wished to help this young kid. She has two children and has two kids. She would like someone to do the same for her.

Coffey, a mom of a five-year-old and a one-year-old, stated that she felt it was her responsibility to be on the watch for the little girl and assist in her rescue. The mother expressed her wish that somebody would do the same for her children if they ever ran into problems.

Coffey was supposed to have spent some time following the desired Lexus. The officers then pursued the car and ultimately retrieved Bruce. When the chase was over, a video showed the small child unharmed and hugging a blanket and a stuffed animal.

The video also revealed a female, thought to be Walston, getting arrested. In September 2021, Walston was charged with second-degree abduction, breaking and entering, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and assault on a child under the age of 12.

Following the terrible occurrence, Bruce was placed in the care of the Department of Health and Human Services. We are relieved that the child was located safe, and we would like to thank Coffey for his assistance.